Bengt Tribukait

Bengt Tribukait (b. 1964) is a highly accomplished musician specialising in organ and chamber music, and frequently performing as an accompanist.

He studied for Hans Fagius at the Royal College of Music in Stockholm, as well as for David Sanger in the UK. In 1992 he won 1 st prize at the international Organ Competition in Dublin. Bengt Tribukait has travelled widely, giving concerts in Europe, Siberia and South Africa. His repertoire stretches from the 14th century up to modern time. Many composers have written music directly for him; solo pieces as well as chamber music, and he has made some 80 first performances, many with the trio Tribukait-Pettersson-Berg (organ/piano, flute and percussion). He has performed in numerous radio and CD recordings. Bengt Tribukait undertakes tasks of widely different kinds, also as a harpsichord- and harmonium-player. Alongside music, he has a deep interest in art, litterature and the natural sciences.